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Browse for our lists of expanded metal products classified according to the materials, application, patterns and surface treatment.

According to materials processed, it can be divided into expanded carbon steel, expanded aluminum, expanded stainless steel and expanded titanium, brass and other metal alloys,
while the listed are the most popular ones.


The data required to order our expanded metal products:

a) The size of the two diagonals of the diamond - “dl ”(long way), “dc” (short way)
b) The strand width of the diamond and the metal thickness.
Please also indicate the following:
1) Quantity per order
2) Grade and standard of metal materials, for example, sus304 stainless steel.
3) Sizes of the metal sheets: Length, width, thickness, etc.
4) Sizes of the diamond opening (dl and dc)
5) Strand width and thickness of the metal (a, s)

Providing of above information will enable our effective response soon.

Stretched Mesh Steel Sheet

Stretched mild steel sheet is normally supplied in flattened diamond pattern or raised hexagonal opening. Materials such as stainless steel or aluminum can also be applied for stretched and slit expanded mesh. The sheet metal mesh has smooth, neat surface with no-burr.

Expanded Galvanized and Black Steel Mesh

Variety: Small, medium and heavy expanded metal mesh.
Opening in the shape of diamond, hexagonal or special shape.

Expanded Aluminum Mesh

Aluminum Expanded Metal is made of high quality aluminum sheet/coil after being expanded on the automatic expanded machines.
It has the features of light weight, shining appearance, economical, slip-resistance surface, easily to be bent or formed in any direction.

Expanded Stainless Steel Mesh

Expanded Stainless Steel has many advantages over carbon expanded steel as it offers much better corrosion resistance and longer service life.

Flattened Titanium Mesh

Though expanded titanium is not as popular as expanded steel or expanded aluminum, it is still among the common expanded metals for a wide range of filter and screening applications.


According to the applications, expanded metal can be divided into expanded architectural mesh, grating, metal screen, fencing, fence gates, metal lath, corner bead and angle beads.


Expanded Metal is a unique material with a fascinating production process, which can turn any ductile solid metal into thousands of varieties of mesh. Expanded mesh find extensive uses in building, construction, fencing, breeding and various industries.

Expanded Metal Grating, Decking for Stair Treads and Flooring

Expanded metal gratings have mainly two types: light and heavy type.
Materials for gratings: Aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel and other metals.

Micro Hole Expanded Metal Foil Filter Screen

Expanded metal screens are manufactured from fine metallic foils, which are cut out and later expanded in the traverse sense until reaching the metal width programmed. The foil doesn't possess any anti-corrosive protection, and the screen is painted usually in the black color.

Expanded Galvanized Steel Fencing

We supply expanded metal fences in low carbon steel plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy plate.
Expanded metal fencing systems are designed for a number of applications from perimeter demarcation to the highest level of security, mainly used in construction of highway, railway, civil construction and water conservation; also fencing of machinery, electric appliances or windows and aquatic products breeding, etc.

Expanded Metal Gate and Mobile Fencing

Expanded metal gates are manufactured as accessories for perimeter fencing.
The frames are infilled with Expanded Metal mesh, welded into position. Easily installed. Mobile fence panels of expanded steel mesh also supplied.

Expanded Metal Mesh Rib Lath

We can supply expanded metal fabricated metal lath for construction. Expanded metal laths provide an excellent key for finishing materials such as plasters / renders on masonry, ceilings, suspended ceilings and timber framed buildings. The lathing is manufactured in galvanized and stainless steel, which can be used for internal and external applications.

Metal Mesh Corner Bead

Corner bead is available in stainless steel, powder coated galvanized steel or aluminum. We can offer series expanded metal fabricated products including rib lath and corner beads for construction.

Steel or Aluminum Sheet Angle Beads Perforated or Expanded

We supply typically three kinds of angle beads: standard angle bead, stop bead and strengthened plaster bead.
Standard Angle Bead provides straight corners for the walls when used over irregular surfaces. Plaster bead is used to effectively terminate plaster edge in a straight line at doors, windows and other openings, also used when plaster meets dissimilar material.


According to the types of processing and opening patterns, expanded metal can be divided into standard type, flattened type, heavy type, decorative type, square opening type and micro opening.


Standard Diamond Opening Expanded Metal

Commonly rhombic opening (diamond opening) is regarded as the traditional standard mesh opening types for expanded metal. PuRuiSe can supply standard and irregular expanded metal in carbon steel and other metals...

Flattened Expanded Mesh

Flattened expanded metal is cold rolled by a flattening machine to give it a smooth flat surface. The
Flattening reduces the thickness (gauge) of the material.

Heavy Type Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal can be processed in different opening shapes, typically as: standard rhombic shape; heavy type raised metal Tortoise-shaped; flattened; and some special shapes or designs.

Decorative Expanded Metal Mesh

Decorative styles expanded mesh can be found in furniture making, railings, architectural ceiling, facade screen, wall cladding decoration.

Expanded Square Hole Mesh

Square Mesh can be used as a direct alternative to welded mesh and woven wire. Square mesh is an expanded metal mesh that is stretched more than normal to create a square holed pattern.

Micro Expanded Metal Foils

Micro expanded metal is a kind of special expanded metals made of fine metal sheets, different with standard diamond expanded metals.


We supply machines for processing of expanded metals:

Expanded Metal Production Lines:

Main equipment in Expanded Metal Processing: Expanding Press, Flattening Machine and Shearing / Slit Machine.

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