Established China Manufacturer and Exporter of Expanded Metal Sheets from Standard Flattened Diamond Mesh to Raised Heavy Hexagonal Mesh Patterns

Expanded Metal Machine for Expanding, Pressing, Flattening, Shearing, Cutting / Slitting

PuRuiSe manufactures and exports Production Line and Machines for producing of Expanded Metal of various materials and types. Mainly three steps involved in Expanded Metal Processing: Expanding, Flattening and Shearing. Expanded Metal is manufactured by expanding press from basic metal plates. Simultaneously slit and cold-formed, the steel or other metal sheets expands the slits into diamond shaped openings of uniform size and regularity. By expanding a metal plate in a press, the metal stretches, leaving diamond-shaped voids surrounded by interlinked bars of the metal. The most common method of manufacture is to simultaneously slit and stretch the material with one motion. Then the metal mesh sheets are flattened with a flattening machine, then cut by a shearing / slitting machine into sheet of sizes.

Automatic Expanded Metal Press

PuRuiSe expanded metal press is designed to process carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and a variety of coppers. With automatic control and auto feeding system, our machines have been exported to over 30 countries and regions: Thailand, U.A.E, Indonesia, Italy, Ukraine, Turkey, Australia, Mexico and etc.


CNC Plate Shearing Machine

Automatic CNC cutting machine for shearing (cutting) of color steel plate, stainless steel plate, GI metal plate, welded wire mesh, chemical fiber felt, rubber division strip, expanded metal mesh, cold rolling steel plate.

This machine has electric operation, automatic feeding, saving time and labor with following advantages:

Auto Feeding, feeding distance and speed can be adjusted;
Leveller be available;
Splitting to strips available;
Cutting, level, Splitting, Bending options at choice;
Touch screen operation, easy and clear.

Metal Mesh Flatten Machine

Expanded metal mesh flatten machine is special designed for expanded metal flattening. It’sa necessary equipment for expanded metal production. It can make expanded wire mesh smoothly.

Flattening machine in different width and different designs are supplied. We supply four-roller flatten machine, two-roller flatten machine, manual flatten machine, hydraulic flatten machine, etc. Currently the machine isapplied to processing expanded metal with a maximum sheet thickness of 5mm and width between 0.5m to 2.5m.

Machine Models for Setting Up Manufacturing Factories in Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, Australia, Brazil, UAE, Iran, India

Aluminum Expanded Mesh Machine for Ukraine

Suitable for aluminum meshes production

Expanded Metal Machine for Pressing Aluminum Mesh of Diamond Opening
AMM-U18 Model Aluminum mesh machine is designed to produce aluminum expanded meshes from rolled (coiled) aluminum strips. This mesh machine is supplied with punching tools.

Technical Data

The aluminum expanded meshes are made in two patterns:

Fish-scale aluminum mesh

Aluminum Expanded Mesh, Fish Pattern, Size 1.3 x 3.4 x 3.8 x 5.8mm

Diamond scale aluminum mesh

Aluminium diamond mesh, size 2.8x4.6x3.8x5.8mm

Material to work with the mesh machine:
The aluminum strip width – max. 500mm or 600mm
The mesh parameters for both expanded mesh types:

Fish-scale aluminum mesh (Strand thickness – 0,3+0,1mm, Strand width -2,0mm):
- SWO – 1,3 - 1,4mm,
- LWO – 3,4 - 3,5mm,
- SWD – 3,8 – 4,0mm,
- LWD – 5,8 - 6,0mm.

Diamond scale aluminum mesh (Strand thickness – 0,3mm+0,1, Strand width -0,8mm):
- SWO – 2,8 - 3,0mm,
- LWO – 4,6 - 4,8mm,
- SWD – 3,8 – 4,0mm,
- LWD – 5,8 - 6,0mm.

We supply samples of fish-scale and diamond-scale meshes to be made using the mesh machine.


Galvanized Metal Mesh Machine Export to Syria

Designed for production galvanized expanded metal mesh

galvanized expanded mesh machine, diamond mesh machine
GEM-S36 Model Expanded Metal Machine for galvanized expanded metal mesh in diamond pattern: 3x6mm 

Technical Data:
Mesh hole size : 3x6 mm
Metal sheet width: 1000mm, 1200 mm
Sheet length: 6 m
Galvanized steel sheet thickness: 0.3 mm to 0.4mm

Diamond mesh panels to be made with the machine


Expanded Sheet Flattening Machine to Turkey

Designed to flatten expanded metal mesh

Technical Data:

Working material width: 1500mm
Working material thickness: 0.5 to 3mm
Roller diameter: 400 to 500mm
Motor power: 7.5kw
Machine weight: 6.5MT or 5.5 MT


Filter Mesh Expanding Machine Export to Brazil

Designed for filter industries

The Press
Technical data:
Sheet metal width: 800mm
Material thickness: 0.65mm

Supplied with Flattening Machine
for expanded metal (steel) machine
Flattening sheet width: 1000mm maximum
Material thickness: 0.65mm


Expanded Diamond Mesh Machine Export to India

Designed to produce 100 mm x 200 mm diamond mesh

Technical data:
Material thickness to process: Max 3 mm
Expanded metal size to be produced with the machine:
SWM (Short way mesh) 100 mm, LWM (Long way Mesh) 200 mm
Sheet Width Maximum 2.5 m


Stainless Steel Expanded Metal Machine to Uganda

Designed to flatten stainless steel expanded metal
Expanded Metal Machine export to Uganda, for stainless steel expanded metal flattening 
Expanded metal machine 1250x0.9mm to 1250x2.5mm with uncoiler, 12 tons max weight


Expanded Metal Press Export to Australia

Designed with 2 Mt decoiler

Expanded metal press supplied with extra set of blades
Designed with a 2 ton decoiler


Aluminum Expanded Metal Machine Export to Turkey

Designed for production of aluminum filter applied for HVAC industry  

Aluminum mesh sheet for filter
Flattening machine for production of aluminum filter

Technical data:

Aluminum sheet thickness: 0.35 mm to 0.4 mm
Mesh size: length 7 mm by 4 mm width, length 3 mm by 1.8 mm width
Filter rolls width: 1 meter.
Max Production speed: 40 meters per 8 hr shift
Min Production speed: 15 meters per 8 hr shift


Expanded Mesh Angle Bead Machine for UAE

Designed for production of angle bead and plaster mesh stop

Angle Bead Machine, Plaster Stop Machine
Machine for production of Galvanized Iron and Stainless Steel Angle Bead, a kind of light expanded mesh sheet product.
The machine can be used for production of angle bead and plaster stop by changing of expanded dies.

Technical data:
Supplied with one set expanded dies for angle bead ( 10sw x 25 lw) ; expanded dies for drywall plaster stop ( 10 sw x 25 lw )  
Material  Thickness: 0.30mm to 0.70mm
Material  Grade : Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel
Machine Speed : 20mtr/Min


Expanded Mesh Rib Lath Machine to Iran

Designed for production of plaster ribbing mesh
Expanded Main Machine for Metal Lathing Mesh Coils
Light type rib lath machine for production of construction background plaster rib lath strips and coils.

The rib lath is a kind of light expanded mesh with diamond holes commonly.

The machine is supplied with feeding trolley, un-coiler, expanded main machine, roll profiling machine, hydraulic rib lath shearing machine, control cabinet and tooling.


Expanding Mesh Processing Equipment Metal Plate Cutting Machine
Expanding Machine Metal Sheet Flattening Machine
Main Parameter of Expanded Metal Press
TYPE 25-6.3 25-16 25-25 25-63A 25-63B 25-160A 25-160B
DEPTH =1.0mm =1.0mm =1.5mm =2.5mm =3mm =6mm =6mm
WIDTH 500mm 1000mm 1250mm 2000mm 2000mm 2500mm 2500mm
TIMES 180/min 150/min 150/min 70/min 45/min 70/min 20/min
DISTANCE 0-1.15mm 0-1.2mm 0-1.2mm 0-4mm 0-4mm 0-7mm 0-7mm
LENGTH OF MESH =20mm =25mm =30mm =100mm =200mm =250mm =250mm
MOTOR 2.2KW 3KW 4KW 11KW 11KW 22KW 22KW
WEIGHT 0.95T 2T 3T 10T 10T 18T 20T
MEASUREMEENT 950 *570 *1780 1800 *1320 *1550 1940 *1600 *2010 2400 *3500 *2300 2400 *3500 *2300 5500 *1750 *3300 5500 *1750 *3300


PuRuiSe machine can be used to produce Expanded Metal for following uses:

Air and Fluid Filters
EMI/RFI Shielding
Battery Cells
Ventilation Systems
Outdoor Furniture
Speaker Grills
Security Walls, Ceilings, Floors and Doors
Machine and Window Guards
Shelving and Racks
Walkways and Stair Treads
Greenhouse Benches

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