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Perforated Metal and Expanded Metal Angle Beads for Drywall Plastering in Construction

Also named plaster stop angle beads or plaster beads in specific uses. PuRuise supplies typically three kinds of angle beads: Standard Angle Bead, Stop Bead and Strengthened Plaster Bead.

Angle Beads of Expanded Metal create a rust proof, dent resistant finished corner. Expanded metal angle beads are available in multiple lengths to help reduce waste and minimize splicing. The hole patterns are mostly Diamond openings allow mud to penetrate through the bead to the drywall. The bead becomes part of the wall.

Angle Beads can also be made of perforated metal with intricate pattern of holes. Perforated aluminum or steel sheet processed corner beads are adapt to framing irregularities and to match appropriate screed heights. Furnishes are galvanized steel and zinc (99% pure zinc) alloy.

Standard Angle Bead provides straight corners for the walls when used over irregular surfaces. They are designed for internal or external use and are ideally suited for modern renders and insulation systems. Standard Angle Beads are also suitable for plaster on a lime, lime-cement, plaster binding agent, cement or gypsum based. Any fixings used should be galvanized.

Reinforced Plaster Bead is used to effectively terminate plaster edge in a straight line at doors, windows and other openings, also used when plaster meets dissimilar material.

Plaster Stop Angle Bead ( stop bead) provides more surface area to receive sealants, protects insulation boards while applying sealants or primers. Used with all thickness of insulation boards. Stop bead enhances appearance of straight edges.

Various angle beads we supply:

  • Galvanized steel angle bead
  • Stainless steel plaster bead
  • Expanded diamond mesh angle bead
  • Perforated metal corner beads
  • Expanded Flange Angle Bead
  • Angle bead with increased reinforce flange

Aluminium Bead Products
Aluminium bead products are suitable for gypsum and synthetic resin plasters and primers for internal use.

Diamond Mesh Expanded Stop Beads for Wall Angle Forming PlasteringDiamond Mesh Expanded Stop BeadsExpanded Stop Beads for Wall Angle Forming Plastering

Expanded Aluminum Mesh Plaster Stop Beads

Galvanized Iron Angle Bead
Reinforced galvanized angle bead is designed for internal use and are manufactured of galvanized steel materials.

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