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Expanded Metal Gates Foldable and Expandable for Mobile Security Fencing Uses

Expanded metal gates are Expanable and Foldable fencing panels. The frames are infilled with Expanded Metal mesh, welded into position. Easily installed, gates are supplied with fence starter angles, to allow the fencing to run in any direction from the gate. PuRuiSe metal mesh fencing gates are effectively barricade-off doorways or barriers with hinges out of sight. Easy for assembling and mobile fencing use. Most mesh panels are eco-friendly powder coated, with steel tube construction for strength and durability.

Aluminum Expandable Driveway Metal Mesh Fencing Gates

Material and weight: Aluminum mesh, steel post
Color: Red/white or yellow/black, silver, etc.
Surface: Plastic-spraying
Folded size: 400X1800(H)mm Expanded size: 5000X1500(H)mm

Designed with:

A Series of steel reinforced trolleys that allow complete mobility, spanning any width and height.

B. Foldable for compact storage.

C. Optional shoot bolts plug into floor for stability.

D. Custom length and colors available on request.


Gates are made with expanded galvanized steel mostly.
Galvanised to GB standard
Good through vision


Easy installation
Low maintenance
Improved aesthetics


Galvanized Steel Expanded Metal Mobile Fencing Gates:

Horizontal Diamond hole Expanded Metal Foldable Barrier

Specify your order of Diamond Mesh fencing gates by providing following information:

SWD short way of diamond
LWD long way of diamond
BOND where two strands intersect
STRAND WIDTH - length of the metal used to produce one strand
STARND THICKNESS - guage thickness
LWM(width) - mesh sheet size,the distance of lwd direction
SWM(length) - mesh sheet size ,the distance of swd direction

Expanded metal gates standard range:

Plate Thickness from 0.3mm to 8mm
Strand Thickness from 0.3mm to 8mm
SWD from 5mm-20mm
LWD from 3mm-100mm

Standard rolls
Length are 30.5m(100ft),special order 15m(50ft),60m(196ft),100m(327ft)
width is 0.914m(3ft),1m,1.22m(4ft),1.5m(5ft), 2m(6ft)

Foldable Expanded Metal Gates for Mobile Using :

Mobile Fencing of Expanded Galvanized Steel

Expanded Security Gate Type Fencing Panels

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