Established China Manufacturer and Exporter of Expanded Metal Sheets from Standard Flattened Diamond Mesh to Raised Heavy Hexagonal Mesh Patterns

Our Capabilities

We can supply expanded metal in rolls or sheets of different sizes, in various patterns from a wide range of materials.


Metals we can process:

Aluminum Metal Sheet;
Steel Metal Sheet;
Stainless Steel Metal Sheets;
Brass Sheets;
Nickel Sheets;
Titanium Sheets.


Processing Patterns Available:

Diamond, square, round, triangle, scale hole
Specification: Sheet thickness:0.5mm-8mm
Hole width: 2.5mm-50mm
Hole length: 4.5mm-100mm
Opening Expanded: 0.5mm-8mm
Special designs or sizes are also available at requests.

Operations: Expand, flatten, coil, sheet, slit, die cut, shear, notch, roll form, paint

Equipment we have: Expanders, flatteners, slitters, die cutting tables, presses, roll formers, shear tables, extruders, etc.

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