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Expanded Metal Features

Compared with Perforated Sheet, Advantages of expanded metal:

Low Price;
Two-dimensional (flat-rolled) or three-dimensional (structured) designs possible;
Up to a thickness of 3.0 mm we can flat-roll almost all expanded metal materials into flat sheet as perforated sheet. In this sense, almost all expanded metal can be identical to perforated sheet;
Expanded metal offersmuch more freedom of design with respect to the cross-section. Free surfaces of 4% up to approx. 90% can be represented with expanded metal.

The reason that expanded metal costs less than perforated sheet is that Expanded metal is manufactured without loss of material, thus maximizing utilization of the pre-material.

Compared with Wire cloth of woven wire mesh, Advantages of Expanded Metal Mesh:

Greater stability of structure;
Homogeneous surface;
No loose wire ends;

  • Expanded metal offers free flow of light, heat, sound and air;
  • Effective alternative cost.

    Expanded mesh is available in a variety of mesh configurations including diamond, square, round, hexagonal plus architectural and decorative patterns.
  • It is easily fabricated, finished, installed and formed.

The use of micromesh or fine-mesh expanded metal prevents the edge separation typical with wire products and thus, depending on the specific application, can also prevent critical malfunctions.

Compared with Knitted Mesh, Advantages of Expanded Mesh for Filters:

Expanded metal mesh can be used as alternative material to aluminum knitted mesh used as a filtering medium in demister pad or mist eliminators. Technical functional elements can also be produced with this material.

Compared with Welded Wire Mesh, Expanded Mesh has the following advantages:

No welding spots;
Strong surface tension;
Better uniform;
More options of openings: decorative, hexagonal and micro holes.

Compared with corrugated grating, welded bar grating, Advantages of expanded metal:

Much easier to cut and fold.
No weld seams.
Not limited to fixed grid dimensions.
Large selection of mesh sizes and styles.
Free cross-section selectable.
Large selection of mesh sizes.
Also available in stainless steel.
Slip-resistant or slip-proof design through profiling of the mesh ( raised pattern can be applied for example).
Simple to manufacture without welding.

We offer standard steps and grids and a large selection of stable, slip-resistant and slip-proof mesh designs.


Compared with Architectural Wire Cloth and Wire Rope Structures, Expanded Mesh for Architectural Design has the following benefits:

Greater versatility of design;
Higher stability;
Larger selection of usable materials;

Expanded metal can be used as alternative mesh materials to various knitted and woven wire fabrics in architectural designs. Functionally, and aesthetically, expanded metal allows subsequent operations, e.g. folding. Colored coatings are also possible.

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